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Terrace gardens

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Terrace Gardens

This urban terrace garden is a part of a recent commercial-residential mixed project in which we are currently building offices and service apartments for an aviation firm named Vectra. Given the constraints in the space of the building that also shares its floor space with the directors 10,000 sqft residence, the director of the firm had to part with a part of his garden area for the pilot’s service apartments. We proposed recreating a garden at the balcony of each of the service apartments with carpeted lawns, potted plants, wooden decks and a vertical wall garden to compensate for the loss of greenery as well as provide essential aesthetic value to each of the balconies. The project has concluded in 2019 itself, and the garden is soon to blossom in a few months. Given the quality of the workmanship, the firm has awarded us another similar project that should be launching within the year.